Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Iron and Wine

Its been almost a month since my last blog post and I think its officially safe to say I am a horrible blogger. Despite the chaos and busyness in my life, I'm all to aware that these are merely excuses to cover up for my lack of commitment to writing.
You see, sometimes words simply fail me. Sometimes my overly self critical mind refuses to let me pour out my heart and soul in fear that it will somehow be rejected or come across as trite and ungenuine. I've found that with every sentence I write, at least ten others had come before it. Maybe its the perfectionist in me, or maybe its my fear of being misunderstood, but whatever the reason- I seem to have run up against a wall I can't penetrate. So as I struggle to find my footing in this overly complicated mixed up head of mine, here is a little something I can offer you.... a song.
I find when words fail to communicate emotion, music has a way of reaching into my soul and pulling out a part of me I never knew existed. I've recently submerged myself in a world of beautiful music- a world I feel I understand far better than I understand myself at times. If you've not heard of the band Iron and Wine it'd be well worth your time to check them out. Their song "Flightless Bird" makes me cry every time I hear it... I have no words or explanation as to why, but I'm content not to know.
Here it is for you to enjoy

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