Monday, December 21, 2009

Tea and Tents

I want this tent.
What a magical place to escape to right??
I can see it now- spending hours on end sitting in the tent drinking my favorite "London fogs" and reading book after book until I fall asleep surrounded by tiny twinkly Christmas lights and the pure satisfaction from knowing my day was well spent.
Someday... I will have this someday.

P.S. London Fog Recipe:

1. One Earl Grey Tea Bag
2. 8oz of hot water ( preferably in a cute mug of course )
3. 4oz of milk (or my personal favorite- vanilla soy creamer)
4. 3 tbs of vanilla syrup

~Steep the tea bag in the hot water
~Heat the creamer/milk and vanilla syrup together in a separate cup
~Mix the tea with the creamer and syrup
~Voila! London fog for your enjoyment!!

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