Friday, April 23, 2010

Not So Normal

The day began as any ordinary day would-
Get up
Take a shower
Eat breakfast
Drink my much needed cup of coffee (sometimes tea)
And skedaddle my butt off to work.
Most days I roll into work with nothing more than yoga pants, an old t-shirt covered in dog hair, and zero make-up. I figure the kids could care less about how I look so why should I?? And with all the running around, bending over, sitting in chairs much too small, and lifting kids up onto changing tables or in and out of car seats- it's simply not convenient to do such tasks in tight jeans, heals, and a frilly top. Besides, I typically consider myself lucky if I make it through a day without getting snot, food, juice, or pee somewhere on me. Lets get real, being a nanny is a messy job.
But today I decided I would actually make an effort to look somewhat presentable. And so I threw on my favorite pair of jeans, a funky printed T, a trendy little jacket, and ballet flats. I felt totally put together for once in my life- and with a little extra bounce in my step I left the house to go to work.
The day was busy as I ran errands, dropped off the eldest at pre-school, and entertained the baby most of the morning. I thought it was strange that my jeans kept feeling like they were on funny, and so for hours I kept twisting and pulling, adjusting and re-adjusting, until I sat down and crossed my legs indian style.... it was then I noticed it..... a giant- and I mean GIANT- hole in the crotch of my favorite jeans!!! Not only was I bummed my best pair of jeans had a hole, I was beyond embarrassed that I had obliviously spent the entire morning walking around town with a massive split down my pants!!! Holy cow!! Who doesn't notice that kind of thing?!?! ME - thats who!!
Sometimes I wish my life were more normal than this....
but lets face it, I'll never be "normal"- its time I embrace it.

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