Thursday, January 7, 2010

Free From Chains

I'm learning to be "ok" in the life I lead, the skin in which I dwell, and the mistakes of which I undoubtedly make each day. The acceptance of myself has been a long and tedious project, but inch by inch the Lord has begun revealing more and more of who I am in my soul. I'm finally throwing down the external pressures to feel and look like perfection personified. I will never be skinny, I will never have a flawless creamy complexion, and I will never have red carpet ready hair. God simply made me different. I struggle with weight, I battle constant acne breakouts, and my hair jostles between large and frizzy or flat and stringy. But my peace comes from knowing I don't have to care. I can let go of the need to control my body. I can be free from Satan's lies of "I'm not good enough". I hold steadfast to the knowledge and truth that "I am fearfully and wonderfully made". I am a child of God's. I do not accept shame, I do not accept self pity, and I do not accept anything less than God's love for me.

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