Monday, January 18, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta laugh

Yesterday was one of those mornings that started off blissfully happy. I woke up well rested, I had spent an hour of alone time with the Lord, I had made myself a killer cup of tea, and I was feeling rather good about what I saw in the mirror. But then it happened....
You see my sister had planned to take my friend and I out for a photo shoot so she could practice with her favorite new camera lens. Her vision for the shoot was "natural beauty" and therefore she requested I wear my hair in its natural state- curly/wavy/slightly frizzy- and while I'm still unsure about embracing my natural head of curls, I was happy to oblige for the photo session. So there I was, standing in my bathroom playing with my hair when I noticed this lone strand of hair in the front that had dried straight... hmm.... I took the strand and figured I could quickly curl it with my curling iron and be on my way, but my plan took another turn. As I wrapped my hair around the iron I failed to see that some kind of blob of gook had attached itself to the metal barrel. I wrapped the strand around the barrel, but as I held the iron in place I began to smell something funny. I then quickly started unwrapping, but to my horror I was permanently attached to the curling iron and the entire section of my beautiful hair had burnt right off!!!!
I'm Meg. Holy moley I'm Meg from "Little Women", who tragically gets her hair burnt off by a curling iron due to her sister!
As I stared in the mirror holding the clump of hair in my right hand, I began to laugh. I dont know what came over me in that moment, but I suddenly realized the humor of the situation and figured laughing would be the best way to move on. Its just hair- nothing more, nothing less. And besides- now I have a funny story to tell.
Thank you Lord for continually teaching me to let go of caring about my "image" more and more everyday.

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this is the best =D