Friday, January 8, 2010

Road Trip Here We Come

Today is a good day.
Despite waking up with the sniffles and a mild cold, I'm determined to make this weekend the best I've ever had.
At 4:00pm sharp my two best girlfriends and I are embarking on a weekend road trip to my hometown of San Diego.
Its sure to be a weekend filled with laughter, joy, and fellowship.
Nothing refreshes me more than spending quality time with the two girls who not only love me as I am, but are constantly challenging me and pushing me to be a better person.
Kalie: I treasure your friendship and kind spirit more than words could ever express. Not only is it easy to be around you, but you seem to add sunshine and smiles where ever you go. Your passion for literature and your gifted talent of writing has only further inspired me in those areas of my own life. Thank you for being such a sweet and dedicated friend.
My favorite Kalie quote - "Magic is everywhere when you take the time to look for it"
Elise: Not only do I feel as if I've known you my entire life, I consider you family. No friend can make me bust up laughing quite like you can. Thank you for being the type of friend I can cry with, laugh with, be inspired with, and of course make childish farting noises with. Your zest for life and your untameable free spirit is not only contagious, but so very beautiful. You've been an incredible example of what it looks like to be a woman of Grace- a woman who loves and lives for the Lord. You will be dearly missed when you move to Washington, but the friendship won't end in March... it will only be the start of a lasting friendship!
My Favorite Elise Quote - (preface: Elise once told me how cool it would be to go up into outer space, and of course with my fear of heights and fear of being anywhere where oxygen does not EXIST I told her I would never do it... I mean what if you died?!?!? Her response.....)
"So what if you died! How cool would that be rocket to heaven?!"
Elise in Heaven: "How'd you get here?"
Person 1 in Heaven: "Hit a tree. You?"
Elise in Heaven: "I ROCKETED here!!!!"
I love these girls and can't wait to create new and lasting memories with them this weekend!