Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What a wonderful year its been... so much has happened and there is certainly so much to be thankful for.

I'm Thankful for:

  1. My relationship with the Lord as I continue to grow in Him daily

  2. My parents who have loved, supported, and provided for me these past 20 years

  3. My wonderful sister who makes me laugh, listens to me when I need to vent, knows me inside and out, and understands who I really am.

  4. My beautiful niece and nephew who have given me one of the best roles I have ever played..."Aunt"

  5. My Point Loma girlfriends (Kayla, Lauren, and Becca), who loved me and supported me through one of the darkest times of my life, my eating disorder.

  6. My recovery! I am so thankful that the Lord allowed me to not only experience anorexia, but through His grace, also allowed me to come out on the other side.

  7. My "recovery team".... Healthy Within, Kate my therapist, Kelley my yoga/pilates teacher, and Kourtney my After Care therapist.

  8. My health (I no longer take it for granted)

  9. My Mentor Julie who has provided me with countless support and much need prayers

  10. My friend JaNay who has been an incredible example of living a life sold out for Christ.

  11. My adorable apartment :-)

  12. My body.... curves and all!

  13. My flaws, after all its our flaws that make us all different and unique right?

  14. My job. Being a nanny is such a blessing.

The list of things I'm thankful for could go on.....

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Bri and John said...

Thankful for you too! Remember the book you gave me on our "Sisters Trip"? Well, here are a afew of my favorite quotes to make you smile.......

1)With a little teamwork, you can get dad to think that buying you those treats was actually his idea.

2) You're not just sisters- you are two people bound by the fact that you know far too many embarrassing stories about each other.

3) With a sister, no background information is ever required when telling a story. How great is that?

4)Nothing says "sisters" like two grown women standing at the kitchen counter picking at leftovers together.

5) If you live next to each other, sisters can have one punch bowl and one great evening bag between them. (hint hint!) :)

Just letting you know that I love you! And quite possibly- I love you a little more every day that goes by!