Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stand up and be counted

With the presidential elections only days away, I simply couldn't ignore the part of me that was screaming to join in and unite with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. Sure I could go into my booth on election day and vote what I believe... but sometimes Christ calls us to more than that. Sometimes, He wants us to stand up and be set apart. About a week ago I felt the Lord telling me to rise up and join the fight against the legalization of gay marriage. Yes my voice is small, but I would be a fool to believe it is insignificant. And so on Saturday (Nov. 1st) I made the decision to go out on the corner of El Camino Real and Leucadia and stand up for what I believe to be true. I thought I'd be nervous going out there and joining all the Yes on 8 ralliers, but to my surprise, the moment I stepped onto that curb, I knew I was doing the right thing. The hundreds of honks and thumbs up from locals were more than enough to keep me going. Even through the various names I was called, fingers I received, and obscenities that were shouted, I knew I was doing what the Lord had asked of me. I truly believe the quote that states, "As California goes, so goes the Nation". As a Christian I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman...period. This isn't about discrimination, hate, or a lack of tolerance. Most could attest that I would be the first one to befriend someone who was gay. I believe they too are created in God's image and deserve to be treated with nothing but love and respect regardless of their lifestyle choices. The gay community argues that by denying them a legal and recognized marriage, we are denying them their civil rights... but this is not so. "Complaining about discrimination, the gay lobby is trying to position the Massachusetts ruling as a logical expansion of the civil rights movement. It isn't. No one has the right to marry whomever he wants. Gays can already get marriage licenses on exactly the same terms as anyone else. Everyone is equally barred from marrying another person who is under a certain age, or too closely related, or of the same gender, or already married to another. Sound reasons underlie all these requirements, which apply equally to everyone, male and female."

Will Yes on Prop 8 pass? I have no idea. But the best I can do is publicly stand up for what I believe in and spend time in prayer regarding this issue. Please join me in prayer for our community and country over these next few days. Our world is about to change regardless....


Mom said...

You Go Girl!!!!! I am so proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. In this turbulent election time I am shocked and saddened to discover how many Christians have traded their moral convictions for the promise of economic relief. If you fervently believe in abortion and gay marriage...than Obama is your man...if you don't than your heart can make no other choice but to vote for McCain. I am praying that in these last few days, those who call themselves followers of Christ will search their hearts. You are a beautiful example to us all Emily.

Bri and John said...

Nicely done babe! Very proud of you :) It's scary to think that one day my kids could possibly think gay marriage is "the norm"...I'll be praying and voting on Tuesday. Talk to you soon- I love you so much!