Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Love Being A Nanny

Let me just say, I absolutely love my job! I'm currently working as a nanny for a wonderful family with two children. James is 16 months and Brooklynn is 4. Today really wasnt much different than any other day at work, but as I found myself down on the ground playing for the millionth time, I was reminded again just how precious these children are. Even on the days when I'm exhausted and dont feel like going to work, the moment I'm greeted at the door by two smiling faces... everything else just seems to melt away. Today Brookie and I were playing around with the video recorder on my phone. Brookie was having the time of her life being goofy in front of the camera, when out of nowhere she suddenly came up with the idea to create a series of video messages to each member of her family (mom, dad, and little brother James). In each video she told them how much she loved them and what she loved most about them. When we had finished all the videos she turned to me and told me she wanted to make a video for me as well. I felt so honored to just be thought of. In the video Brookie so sweetly told me that she loved me because I am "the best nanny in the world!" How adorable is that?? That simple little moment brought so much joy to my day. Once again, I LOVE MY JOB!!! :-)

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Mom said...

James & Brookie are very blessed to have you Emily. It's very clear you are going to be a wonderful, loving Mother some day.
Love you Sweetie.