Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dance it off!

Ever have one of those days where nothing in particular goes wrong yet somehow you just feel a bit off? About once a month I have one of those very days... I guess you could call it pre-menstrual... but I call it crappy. Today happen to be one of those glorious days. I awoke this morning to the wonderful world of bloating. UGH! Nothing fit, and I mean NOTHING. After standing in my underwear lamenting over what to wear for nearly an hour, I finally resorted to wearing a dress... although the darn thing felt much more like a huge paper bag, but praise the Lord I was at least clothed. The day preceded on with no specific horrifying events, but that looming feeling of gloom remained present. Every stress in my life somehow seemed bigger and more taunting than before. I felt torn between wanting to be alone and needing to be near family. After a couple hours of visiting at my parents house, I felt this overwhelming need to be alone. As Tirzah and I drove back to my apartment, the stresses of life played over and over in my mind like a record player. Tears began to stream down my face. As I parked my jeep in the car portal, I just sat in my car contemplating my next move. "Ok Emily come on... one foot in front of the other. Life is not as bad as it seems right now... just keep moving." Call me crazy, but I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself at that very moment. In previous years I would have done one of two things... handled my problems with food (or lack there of) and focus all my attention on my "horrific body" when really my body had nothing to do with why I was so upset, or I would have had a complete and utter meltdown...tears and snot included. As I entered my apartment a thought drifted into my mind... dance it off. Now I realize I probably looked like a complete nut case, but I knew just what needed to be done. I changed into the cutest most girly nightgown I owned, grabbed a plastic spoon, blasted Katy Perry throughout my entire apartment, and proceeded to dance and sing at the top of my lungs! Tirzah just stared at me as if I had totally lost it, but it was honestly the most fun I'd had in a very long time. After about 20 min straight of dancing like an idiot, I collapsed onto my bed sweating in utter exhaustion... but I felt GREAT! I wasnt sad and frustrated anymore, instead I was invigorated. I realize that dancing cant solve the problems of the world, but wouldnt it be great if it could? How fun would that be if life was just one big dance party? Next time your feeling BLAH turn up the toons and dance away your worries... there really is nothing like it.

Psalm 30:11

"He turns our mourning into dancing!"

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