Friday, January 2, 2009

Gift of Friendship

Isnt it funny how some of the best things in life aren't actually "things" at all? I have to say, God has blessed my life with a wonderful family and amazing opportunities, but He truely out did Himself when He brought my girlfriends into my life. These girls arent just any ordinary friends, they're the type of friends who know what your thinking with just one glance, who give of themselves without expecting anything in return, who take the time to pray with you when life seems unbearable, who laugh and giggle like there's no tomorrow, and who love you unconditionally no matter what is it your facing in life. Not only do my girlfriends know me better than I know myself sometimes, but they love me despite the extreme ups and downs I have endured these past few years. We can go weeks or even months without having the time to speak with one another, and yet we all have the ability to pick right up where we left off the moment we reconnect. I love you Kayla, Lauren, and Becca... you three are amazing women who I feel blessed to know!

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Anonymous said...

Emily... what a sweet message. I absolutely agree with you that we have a relationship that can pick right back up even when we go so long without talking. I know we do have our absent times... but you will always have a special part in my life and i will never forget how close we were at one point. I hope we pick back up soon.. miss you!