Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

All you bloggers out there have probably already heard of a little thing called "Not Me" Monday, which was originally started by a young mother who sought to use her blog as an inspiration to all mothers and women of the world. "Not Me" Monday is basically and fun and silly way to deny all the things we've done that day and make lite of the complicated and harry lives we lead as women. So here it goes, my first "Not Me" Monday blog.... enjoy!

  1. This morning I DID NOT hit my snooze button until 30 min before I had to leave for work. And I certainly DID NOT skip my shower and opt for a greasy ponytail instead. That would be gross... NOT ME!

  2. I DID NOT vent to my boss for 40 minuets this morning about the stress I'm under regarding school, money, and life in general. I would NEVER do something like that... why its unprofessional!

  3. While grocery shopping with Brookie this afternoon, I DID NOT open a bag of un-paid for Cheetos and a chocolate milk for her to snack on just so I could shop in peace. And I DID NOT sample a couple grapes in the produce isle just because I was starving.

  4. I DID NOT get all showered and dressed before walking my dog this evening just in case I would run into any cute guys in my apartment complex walking their dogs... thats just ridiculous!

  5. I DID NOT dance around my apartment to the All American Rejects song "Gives Me Hell" while making dinner tonight.... only to realize that my slider blinds were open and my lovely neighbors across the way were watching me... how embarrassing, its just NOT something I would do.
  6. Finally, I AM NOT sitting here typing this blog in the middle of my living room that is still fully decorated for Christmas... tree and all!

What is it you DID NOT do today? Join in on the fun of "Not Me" Monday! :-)

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