Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'll be preaching this till I'm blue in the face :-)

I have a challenge for you today.... Lets try to love and celebrate our bodies just as they are. I know this is a struggle for women across the nation, but doesnt every girl deserve to feel beautiful regardless of her size? Join me today in saying "NO MORE". No more fighting our bodies into a size 2, no more living on diet fads and misconceptions, no more comparing our bodies to models and celebrities, no more exercising to "firm" this or "tighten" that, no more calorie counting or scale watching, no more envying the Victoria Secret models, no more diet pill or cellulite zapping cream, no more bad body talk, no more zero calorie drinks or artificial sweeteners, no more plastic surgery...... NO MORE!!! These are the very things that are keeping women today bound in body shame, bound in endless dissatisfaction, and bound and tied exactly where Satan wants us. I dont know about you, but count me OUT! I encourage you to choose to love your body instead of hate it. Accept your shape rather than try to change it. Celebrate your uniqueness.... celebrate your cellulite, your flaws, and all your imperfections, after all that's what makes you YOU! The Lord gave you a body to love and enjoy as you make your way through life, dont waste that precious gift. Dont let Satan win... take back your body and love it just as the Lord loves it.

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