Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Double Coupon Wednesdays

I'm about to risk looking totally lame in front of my entire fellow blog readers, but lames things tend to excite me, so I figured I'd share it anyway.

Wednesdays are perhaps my favorite day of the entire week! For starters,"W-e-d-n-e-s-d-a-y" is a fun word to spell.... except for the fact that it took me until the age of 15 to actually spell it correctly. Hey its a hard word, give me a break. Anyway, Wednesdays also happen to be double coupon day at Sprouts! Now ordinarily I dont freely give out such great secrets, but I figure I'd let this one slide. Besides, I get there early when the store opens so none of you little coupon clippers can beat me to the sales. And FYI - anyone who tries get in my way of the massive block of pepper jack cheese on sale for $1.00, is seriously risking their physical health... I will trample you for it. No joke.

So of course, I totally took advantage of the sale today and bought all kinds of yummy food. Oddly enough, I also bought a crap load of condiments I didn't need. Oh well. All in all it was a great morning of grocery shopping - and to top it off I only spent $30!!! I should get an award for my money saving tactics.

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