Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Didn't Fall Off The Face Of The Earth... I swear!

Alright so its been practically forever since I've blogged a semi-decent blog post. What happened to the obsessively compulsive blogger I used to be?? I think I got buried somewhere in between my work, friends, family responsibilities, and of course my completely dysfunctional dating life. It seems I barely even have time to breathe or use the bathroom.... which has proven quite disastrous. So before school starts next week, and I become this crazy studying overachieving hermit, I figured I'd blog in an effort to soothe my soul and perge some of the disturbing thoughts crowding out my brain.
*Deep Breath* - here we go....
So we all know I'm single. I mean I practically wear a sign on my back announcing to the world my singleness. Maybe I talk about it too much, but its a relevant topic in my life and its my blog so I shall continue. I have high hopes of one day walking down the isle barefoot in my beautifully flowy and totally flattering wedding gown, but unfortunately this dream is quite far off. Instead of planning a wedding, I spend my evenings go out on dates with boys who stand me up or think its ok for me to pay for the date. The only redeeming quality about these said dates are the many whisky sours I get to drink. Yum! Oh and of course the oh-so-pretty dresses I get to wear. But dating hasn't been all bad. I recently met a boy who I'm semi kinda-sorta dating'ish'. Its complicated. I'm sure you understand. But he's adorable. And our first kiss was amazing... I'd elaborate, but I keep those fun details to myself... and to torture you of course.
In other news, I seem to be on some new carb eating kick. Unfortunately I have a feeling this phase will last my entire life. At this point I dont care if it makes me fat. I love bread. And french fries.... with lots of barbecue sauce and a crap load of salt. Hmm, no wonder I'm bloated. The other night as I drove home around midnight, I suddenly got this intense craving for McDonalds french fries. I tried to quiet my howling tummy by offering it some delicious almonds I had stashed away in my purse, but my good intentions failed when my stomach realized it was digesting healthy food. So I caved and bought the fries. McDonalds french fries totally rock by the way! I drove away satisfied, bloated, and a little nauseous.... but it was totally worth the 89 cents.
So this is basically what my life has come to. Eating french fries while complaining about my boyfriendless existence. Ugh, no wonder I'm single.
See?? Now you understand why I haven't blogged in a million years... my life is sad - either that or totally hilarious. I choose humor. It helps me cope.

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