Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hotel Bathrooms Make My Skin Crawl

I have an issue with hotel bathrooms.
First, the lighting - who ever said bright fluorescent lights were flattering obviously never took a good hard look at themselves under one. I'm sorry but I have no desire to see every flaw, uneven skin patch, and the plethora of bumpy cellulite patches my body contains. I like denial, but more than that, I like darkness.
Second, the shampoo situation - I hate hotel shampoo with a passion. The little bottles may be cute, but with my massive head of thick hair they simply do not hold enough shampoo for me to wash with. Not to mention the fact that the shampoo always smells like some strange musky boy, which is not exactly my idea of sweet roses.
Third, hotel toilets just aren't the same. For some odd reason every time I visit a hotel my body freezes up and decides constipation is the only way to keep me from using the strange toilet. My body is quite particular... I suffer from "foreign potty syndrome". Its tragic.

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