Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is fast approaching and my wardrobe cant wait!!!

Is that Fall I smell??
Ok so maybe its not quite fall I smell yet, but rather my oh-so-delicious pumpkin spice candle burning.
Regardless, Fall in Arizona is fast approaching. My soul loves the cool refreshing mornings and evening breezes that tousle my hair about. Its pure magic. And after my very first Arizona summer, I'm more than ready to embrace the cooling weather.
With fall comes some of my favorite things- like colorful leaves, warm rich soups, scarfs, sweaters, boots, leggings, hats.... wait- what was I talking about again?? Oh ya, Fall. Its a beautiful time of year indeed. Just yesterday I decided to pull out my fall wardrobe and with the things I already have, reinvent my style. I'm taking the old and making it new. All day I've been dreaming of the fall'ish' outfit I'll be donning tonight as I gallivant around the Tempe art festival with a few equally fall fashionable friends.
This year I'm finding myself inspired by layers. Lot and lots of layers. I'm talking drappy sweaters, long necklaces, multiple scarves, and boots with leggings. Basically- if I can layer it, you can bet I'll be wearing it.
Here are a few fashion inspirations for you to drool over with me....

In the words of Rachel Zoe (AKA fashion guru)- "I die!"

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