Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mom Hair- I'm too young for it

Ok- deep breaths. I can do this. I can handle the abomination that is my new horrid hair cut.
It's just hair. It's just hair.
My hair does not define me. It only sits on top of my head for the world to see.
Wait- no! Its ok. I'm fine. The important thing is I'm alive. Reality check please!
I can rock any style right? Even if I came out of the salon looking like I had a forty year old "mom" do on my cute 21 year old body. I can still rock that. I'll set a new trend- who needs great hair when you have great confidence....
Now where do I get some great confidence... hmmm.
Maybe I'll steal some from my gorgeous model sister Bri.
Oh and did I mention- I have a photo shoot with her today. Not only is she tall and thin and beautiful beyond words, I have to stand next to her- with MOM HAIR!!!
My life ladies and gentleman.
No offense God- but your sense of humor is seriously lacking today.
*Sigh* Why can't I look cute?? Just once! I dont need a perfectly toned body or a clear flawless complexion. I dont need amazingly expensive clothes or top of the line make-up.
But as vain as it sounds- I NEED my hair. I need one thing I love. One thing I feel good about. I need one worldly thing I can hold onto and be proud of.
But apparently God has a different opinion- so this is what I'm stuck with.....

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Bri and John said...

Thank you for the uplifting words little sister..but let's be real for a minute- you are GORGEOUS! I love your cheekbones, I covet your deep-set eyelids that always look good with makeup, and you always look cuter in my clothes when you borrow them than I do!

It would be hilarious to trade hair for a day....the first morning you wake up looking like one of the Supremes, you would come crying back to me begging for your cute hair back.

The grass always seem greener in someone else's yard.
*Unless you live in AZ like us, and then the grass isn't really's more patchy and dry with little spots of green trying to poke through!! :-)

PS- I love your new haircut.