Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In the midst of the chaotic life I often lead, I've learned my survival depends not upon the food I feed my body, but rather the food I feed my soul. Its my "soul food" if you will. The things that make my heart happy despite bad circumstances or difficult trials. They're the things that bring me joy, ground my soul, and remind me of God's deep love. I can't imagine my life without dancing in my apartment while I clean, or without spontaneous road trips with girlfriends who make me laugh, or morning bike rides with my sister, or quiet picnics in the park, or reading under the shade of a big tree, or spending daily quiet time with the Lord, or tickling babies and hearing their sweet giggles, or eating ice cream with a fork right out of the container, or playing board games while drinking a beer, or roller blading at 10:00 at night, or listening to music in the car and letting it wash over me, or feeding my unhealthy obsession with all things reality TV related, or having coffee with friends at cute coffee shops. It's only by the grace of God I'm able to get through the mundane day to day responsibilities I have, but dont be fooled- I dont thrive on the mundane, I thrive on the moments that feed my soul, refresh my spirit, and give me a renewed energy to press onward.

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