Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

Wow has it really been a few months since I last wrote a "Not Me Monday" post?!?
Well- that is just simply unacceptable.
Its time for another sweet round of denial.
Get Ready.... Get Set..... Its NOT ME MONDAY!!!!
Not Me Monday:
  1. I was NOT so excited that fall is finally here in Arizona that I slept with my window wide open only to find myself covered in annoyingly itchy bug bites this morning. I am NOT that dumb.
  2. I did NOT get totally excited dusting and vacuuming my apartment today. And I do NOT think vacuum lines are better than shopping.
  3. My dog Tirzah did NOT jump up into my kitchen sink, tear out my garbage disposal opening, and proceed to eat everything in the disposal. That would be disgusting and totally NOT something she would do.
  4. I did NOT spend over an hour trying to figure out what I would wear to work even though I knew the kids would most likely spill juice or some kind of bodily fluids on me at some point anyway.
  5. I did NOT let Ty(my 2 yr old nephew) go to town on chocolate covered raisins in the grocery store so I could get my shopping done.
  6. I am NOT currently listening to "Paper Planes" by MIA. Nope NOT me- I'm a good girl who only listens to music about puppy dogs and rainbows remember??
  7. I do NOT agree with Carrie Underwood when she says..."the more boys I meet- the more I love my dog"
  8. I am NOT desperately trying to rock the hippie head scarf even though it looks ridiculous on me.

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