Thursday, November 19, 2009

Likes / Dislikes

Well, as the opinions regarding my desired new hair cut continue to flood in, I've decided to take a break from talking about whats on my head, and instead give you a glimpse as to whats currently taking place in my head... scary thought huh?? Brace yourself for some serious madness people.
I'm Currently Totally Obsessed With:
1. Discovering the world of classic literature - currently reading East of Eden and loving it
2. Listening to some seriously amazing bands such as Band of Horses, Bat for Lashes, The Drums, and of course more recently discovering my love of Van Morrison.
Oh and a special shout to my adorable cousin Michael who's band If A Tree Falls totally rocks- I'm couldn't be prouder of him!!!
3. Painting my nails dark colors and wearing as many pretty rings as possible- decorated hands make me happy.
4. Taking long walks with the kids I nanny as a way to escape and be alone with the craziness running through my head.
5. Drinking tea alone in relatively undiscovered and privately owned coffee shops.
6. Spending time with my sister- my biggest inspiration, the reason I am who I am today, and the one who truly keeps me sane and grounded.
7. Daydreaming about moving to New York in 3 years.
8. The Christmas season... enough said.
I'm Currently Most Irritated By:
1. School. I'm just not interested in sitting in class for hours on end.
2. The fact that I'm deeply insecure about how I'm perceived by others
3. Lateness- its rude
4. Time in general- I wish I could slow things down and soak things up more than I do
5. Bad drivers. Go the speed limit, don't tailgate me, let people merge, don't cut people off.
6. My cell phone. I hate feeling so enslaved to it and dependent upon it.
7. The feeling of not being in control. I like control- it makes me feel safe
8. How un-athletic I am.
*Ahhhh* - its always nice to perge some of that.

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Cindy said...

Hey Emily,
You have to put Michael's band (If A Tree Falls) on your play list. They just came out with an EP. It's really awesome. He or I can send you the digital file or a CD.
Aunt Cindy