Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winds of Change

Ok guys I need you all to do me a favor and leave me comments with your honest opinion of my sudden desire to cut my hair into this style.....

Its drastic, edgy, and totally fun.

What do you think??


Nubia said...

OO wow I love Karlas blazer in that first picture..

I think you would look nice in that hairstyle honestly


Bri and John said...


I have seen you go up and down through so many spur-of-the-moment desires to chop or dye your hair, and they never turn out the way you imagined.

Besides, they probably used a gallon of gel and hairspray for that photo shoot, and probably fussed with the model's hair in between every shot in order for it to look just the right way.

** Not to mention the long chunk in the front looks a little inspired from Kate Gosselin**

But it would go great with those gloves you love!!


Cindy said...

Aunt Cindy votes a resounding NO. You could definetely wear your hair in any style and look fabulous, but with this style, we'll miss your beatiful eyes!

Dannie said...

you could totally rock it, you have a gorgeous feminine face
i got my hair the same way and it makes you feel sooo sexy, trust me!