Monday, November 2, 2009

My Library Hideout

I've been submerged in a strange mood lately. Maybe its because school is utterly stressing me out. Or maybe its because the holidays are rapidly approaching and I feel completely unready for such busyness. Or maybe its simply because with everything I attempt to accomplish, I suddenly become unequivocally distracted. Procrastination has become my new best friend. Nothing gets done these days. My apartment is a wreak. My car looks as if my closet threw up in it. My dishes have piled up. My laundry remains undone. My bed has no sheets. My carpet shows no signs of vacuum lines. My dishwasher smells a little. My fridge hasn't been emptied in far too long. And I currently have no fresh groceries to speak of. My world is chaotic and I have neither the time nor desire to clean it up. Sometime I can live in a mess and still feel at peace, but not today. Today it feels..... distracting. And annoying. So here I sit- in the library, my escape of choice. The smell of used and check out books fills the air and refreshes my spirit. Its quiet here. Peaceful and calm. I'm amongst fellow book nerds and I feel at home. My two greatest addictions sit at my right hand- coffee and a new book. All is well for the moment. And although my messy apartment awaits my arrival, I'm pretending it does not exist. Denial suits me today. Yes- coffee, a good book, and a large helping of denial... just what the doctor ordered.

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