Thursday, February 11, 2010

Artist of the Week:
Joan Jett

Now I must admit, I wasn't always a Joan Jett fan- to be honest, many of her hit songs that catapulted her to fame status among rock and roll legends, were far beyond my time. But her classic sound, killer guitar skills, and honest lyrics have continued to ring true from generation to generation- earning herself the well deserved title of "Godmother of Rock and Roll".
Joan Jett fought hard for her place in the purely male dominated world of Rock and Roll, battling hostile audiences and more than thirty rejections from record label companies that refused to sign her due to the simple fact that she was a woman playing in a mans world. She fearlessly picked up the electric guitar and pathed the way for thousands of other women to do the same. Now, after millions of records and about a dozen hit songs, Joan Jett has become a music legend and an inspiration to women.

I often find myself engrossed in her music when I'm in need of a little pick me up- to quote one of her most famous songs, I love Rock and Roll!

Here is one of my favorite Joan Jett and The Blackhearts songs "Crimson and Clover"
circa 1983 (ya gotta love the 80's feel of this video!)

This next video is of the same song, but I thought it'd be fun to contrast the 1983 version with a live version she did 2 years ago. You gotta admit she looks pretty darn good for 50 years old!

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