Thursday, February 25, 2010

As you can probably already tell by my recent blog posts, I tend to draw inspiration from pieces of art that move me. My definition of art has no limits- it is boundless, free, and beautiful. I often find myself lost in a musical world one minute and taken ahold of by a great piece of literature the next. Inspiration may come in the form of a photo, cinematography, or even in a great quote. This morning as I sipped my tea and soy milk latte and lounged in bed listening to my latest and greatest obsession, Janis Joplin, I came across an article in a magazine about one of my favorite film directors, Jane Campion. I was captivated by Campion's sense of purpose and contentment. Her striking confidence, humble nature, and seasoned wisdom made me want to know what exactly she did and experienced in life to end up where she has. Even the photo of her was simplistic in nature yet powerfully mesmerising (pictured below). My favorite quote lied at the end of the interview as if it were a pot of gold beneath a rainbow-

"I see how joyous it is to be a woman in her 50's- so free. I don't need anyone to look at me."

Oh how I desire to be as comfortable and settled in my own self as she is in herself. I simply can't fathom the freedom that comes with whole hearted self acceptance.

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