Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yoga Sisters

As many people may already know, my passion for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle runs deep in my bones. I strive to eat well, move my body often, and of course have fun while doing it. With my busy schedule its crucial for my health and well being that I take time out several times a week to quiet my mind and work out my body in my favorite yoga class. As I prepared to attend yoga this evening, I was overjoyed when my sister accepted my invitation to join me. I couldn't have asked for a better evening. Not very often do my sister and I have time alone together, so tonight was most definitely a special treat. Getting to share my passion for yoga with my sister was such a great joy! And to top it off- it turns out Bri is a natural born yogi!! I was beyond impressed with her ability to stretch, balance, and bend her way through the entire level 3 vinyasa flow class. I should have known she would be excellent- after all, she excels beautifully at everything she attempts in life.

Thank you sister for making my evening and joining me in my yoga jouney! It was a pleasure having you there. I love you.


Bri and John said...

love you too!!

But I draw the line at yoga. No belly dancing for me!

emily morgan said...

haha ok fair enough- I wont make you belly dance with me... even though I think you'd rock at it!