Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Counting My Blessings

Sometimes its easy to get lost in the negatives life bring your way, but today I've decided to make a list of moments big and small that have brought joy to my life these past few weeks. Its nothing fancy- just a way to bring my focus back onto the many blessings I so easily breeze by.
Moments of Joy:
  1. Reading Anna Karenina. Its been such a crazy adventure navigating my way through Tolstoy's portrayal of the most basic and complex of human relationships, interactions, deceit, and love. I've found myself captivated by his words, inspired by his depth of love, and fascinated by his views of society. I am a better woman for having read this incredible work of literature.
  2. The winter rain here in Arizona has renewed my spirit and reminded me once again the joys of sitting by a fire with a mug of hot coco and a good book. Its been a cozy winter... my favorite!
  3. Watching loads upon loads of movies with my girlfriends. Some of my recent favorites include... The Young Victoria, Bright Star, Chicago, Sweeny Todd, Rachel Getting Married, Grey Gardens, Pride and Prejudice (the new one- but I love the old one just as much!), Marie Antoinette, 500 Days of Summer, Amelie, Chocolat... and much much more!
  4. Reading John Keats's surviving love letters he wrote to Fanny Brawne in the early 1800's. The honesty and vulnerability in which he writes to the woman he loves is nothing short of beautiful and wholeheartedly captivating. His words literally give me goose bumps as I read them.
  5. My reignited yoga practice!! I finally bit the bullet and bought a membership at my favorite yoga studio. Despite the added expense, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into my practice. I now attend a 90 min heated Vinyasa Flow class 3-4 times a week, and it has continued to challenge me and reinvigorate me more and more each week. Doing yoga is like breathing- I forget how much I ache to do it until I'm no longer doing it.
  6. The kids I'm a nanny for. Although my job is not always easy- it is always a joy to watch the children grow, learn, and change on a daily basis. Ever since I began working for this family, I've made a habit out of always playing music in the house while we're all playing. Its wasn't until last week when James* (*name has been changed) and I were dancing in the kitchen that he stopped and yelled "I LOVE THE BEATLES!!" It cracked me up that he knew I was playing the Beatles- I think I have a miniature fellow music lover on my hands :-) What a blessing!
  7. Starting spring semester at school. While I may not always love attending class and actually working hard, I do thoroughly enjoy my Microbiology class. Learning about and working with live bacteria in the lab is absolutely fascinating!!


Bri and John said...

Um...you kinda forgot one.

Think reeeeaallly hard.
What blessing could you have possibly left out?

I'll let it go this time. You're welcome.

emily morgan said...

ya ya... your a blessing to me blah blah blah. Thats a given you dork!