Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beginning of the Week

Another week has begun and I'm feeling a little down in the dumps. Maybe its because I just got home from vacation and I'm realizing how much "real life" sucks. Maybe its because my best friend is moving next week and I know I'll miss her like crazy. Maybe its because I'm stressed and overwhelmed with school work and upcoming tests. Maybe its because my financial situation is weighing heavy on me at the current moment. Or.... maybe its just because I'm having one of those crappy days life is full of.
I could choose to blog about all the really wonderful things happening in my life right now- or I could sit and wallow in my unpleasant mood.... hmm, I choose the second option. So as I sit here wallowing, I'm going to leave you with my pick for this week's "Artist of the Week"....
Artist of the Week:
The Velvet Underground
A fabulous band from the mid 60's who unfortunately never gained fame until after they split in 1973. This American Rock band challenged conventional societal standards with their often controversial lyrics and nihilistic outlook. Rolling Stone named The Velvet Underground's album the 13th greatest album of all time and the most "prophetic rock album ever made".
Here is one of my favorite "bummer" songs (AKA: songs I listen to when I'm feelin' blue) by
The Velvet Underground

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