Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Bunny Friend

Every once in a while, when I arrive home late, and the parking lot of my apartment is free of people, if I'm lucky, as I walk to the stairs I'll run into an old friend of mine. No its not a person, but rather a little grey and white bunny no bigger than a box of tissues. The first few encounters the bunny and I had, I thought nothing of it, other than the fact that he is quite adorable. But as time went on I began to notice a pattern. The nights I would run into him where always the nights I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or alone. Then one night it hit me. This bunny wasnt just any ordinary bunny, he was God's gift to me. This simple little grey and white bunny was God's reminder of how much He loves me. God knows me, He knows what makes me smile, what makes my heart beat a little faster, and what takes my breath away. He knew that this cute little bunny would bring a smile to my face and sunshine to brighten my day. Each time I look at my tiny friend I'm reminded of just how good God is. It's about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Question to ponder: How many so-called ordinary things do you pass by on a daily basis, that are intended to be God's gift to you? God is constantly trying to woo us... dont miss what He wants to show you.

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