Monday, December 29, 2008

Matching PJ's

Every year since I was a little girl it has been a tradition in our family to open ONE present on Christmas Eve. My sister and I would tear into our gift each year, olny to find a new pair of matching PJ's for us to wear that evening. While my sister often complained that the gift was lame, I as the little sister always thought it was so cool to finally be matching my older sister. As the years have gone on, the tradition has remained. My sister and I now giggle with excitement as we tear into our boxes, anxious to see what that years jammies look like. Not only do my sister and I match each year, but John and the kids have also joined in on this oh so fun tradition. Oh and did I mention.... my mom makes the pj's herself each year! :-) I look back now on all the Christmas's I've had and I'm so greatful for all our little family traditions.

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Mom said...

Aren't family traditions wonderful? It has given me great joy to see you both every year in your Christmas jammies...sometimes they were too tight or too long but you always looked beautiful in them to me. Those Christmas mornings will forever be etched in my heart. I love you girls soooo much. You are both such a blessing in my life.