Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Strange how a single day can bring out so many emotions. From laughter to tears. From frustration to enjoyment. Some days can easily take you from one end of the spectrum to another, and today was definitely one of those days. These are the things currently running through my head... WARNING! could be hazardous to your own sense of calm and well being.

  1. Finals week is rapidly approaching and we all know that with it comes a crap load of stress... the kind that makes you want to pull your hair out and scream, "I'M SOOOOOO DONE!"

  2. Christmas is right around the corner... translation: I'M BROKE!

  3. My upcoming weekend that was supposed to be filled with studying, has now been replaced with family and church obligations. Its not that I dont love both these things, its just that... well... I'm OVERWHELMED hello?

  4. My head is spinning about this big "decision" I'll be making in the next few months (dont feel left out that you dont know what it is I'm trying to decide... I'm not telling anyone actually)

  5. My apartment is now borderline disgusting... I hate cleaning with a passion (I'm so not domestic)

  6. I'm exhausted due to a lack of sleep these past few nights.

To be honest, my list could probably continue on for another hour or so, but I'll spare you from the boredom of having to read it. I have to admit, sometimes I simply use this blog as a personal journal. Its a place where I can go and write my thoughts, share them with the world, and not be ashamed. I am who I am... good days and bad days included. While I was sitting here typing my list of grievances, I glanced over at my little black purse lying on the floor. "What in the world is sticking out the zipper??" I bent down, picked up the purse, and pulled the little piece of paper out. I found myself looking at the Ladies Christmas Tea program from last night. In a matter of seconds I was reminded of our speaker Donna who spoke about the hectic nature of the Christmas season, particularly to women. She compared it to being in a canoe that has just flipped over in an icy cold lake... suddenly we scream out "help I'm drowning... help!" When rescue arrives, we have gotten ourselves in such a tizzy we cant comprehend whats going on around us. Meanwhile, our rescuer is desperately trying to get our attention by saying "Ma'am look at me. Look at my face. I will help you, just hold onto me and trust me." Donna then proceeded to tell us that is precisely what God is trying to say to us when we feel so overwhelmed that it feels as if we're downing. God is tell you, "Emily (insert name here), look at me. Look at MY face. I will help you, you just need to hold onto me and trust me."

Thank you Lord for that much needed reminder!

Joshua 23:8

"But you are to hold fast to the LORD your God, as you have until now"

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