Thursday, December 4, 2008

Victoria's Secret

I dont know if any of you knew, but being the TV junky that I am I couldnt help but notice that last night was the ever annoying Victoria Secret Runway Show. Can I just vent about this a moment? First of all, I've always been curious, who the hell is Victoria? And why can't she keep her damn secret to herself? Second, do you ever see the Chanel runway show televised for the world to see? No way. So why must we parade half naked too thin models down the runway in skimpy lingerer while the entire nation looks on? Do you think for a second that their intention is to sell the merchandise they're so annoyingly flaunting in our faces? Heck no! This disgusting show does nothing more than demean women, portraying them as objects of lust and desire to the equally disgusting men who drool over them. Now, I dont mean to sound like some loud mouth feminist, because I guarantee you I'm not. But there is something wrong when we as women begin to believe there is nothing wrong with runway shows such as the Victoria Secret show, not to mention their almost R rated commercials. Only 8%, yes you read that right, 8% of women in the WORLD naturally have bodies built like the Victoria Secret models. But when we flaunt these models for every woman to see and compare herself to, we are exponentially adding to the dissatisfaction, poor body image, and eating disorder issues that are already running rampant in our world. About two years ago, I probably wouldnt have even realized how offensive adds and shows like these were, but now that I find myself recovered from an eating disorder, I am hyper sensitive to the destructiveness of the media on women today. Lets stop turning a blind eye to the slow and deceptive deterioration of women. Satan hates women. He hates her beauty, her strength, and her powerful potential to be all God created her to be... His goal is to destroy us... Lets not let him. Put you foot down and stick up for not just our current generation of women, but the next one as well.

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