Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Change Hurts Sometimes

.... Let me just begin by saying its been a tough day. Ordinarily I would never post a blog about something so personal happening in my life, but because so many people know about my relationship with Casey, I feel I should explain what has happened, after all I would MUCH rather update everyone via blog than explain it 100x over on the phone. Unfortunately, this morning Casey got a call from his boss informing him that he would NOT be able to transfer to Arizona, but instead he would be needed in their New York City office for the next 3-5 years. You can imagine what a shock this was to the both of us, and after much consideration Casey realized that kind of distance for that long a period would simply not be possible.... and so we broke up. I'm definitely hurt and upset, but please understand that as much as you all care about what I'm going through, I need my space. A clean break is always the easiest way to move on, therefore I'm asking those who know and love me to please not call or send me your condolences regarding the situation. Your prayers, however, would be much appreciated! At this point I know God has a plan, and am confident that what He has waiting for me in Arizona is far better than the heartache I feel now. No need to worry, I'm currently armed with my box of imported french truffles and my old country music CDs.... life is good.

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