Friday, March 27, 2009


Call me corny but I just cant help myself.... I miss my boyfriend like CRAZY! I knew when I first met Casey that he would be leaving on a two month business trip to Minnesota from March to May, but I honestly wasn't prepared for just how much I'd miss having him around. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but if you ask me..... distance sucks! I miss how he makes me laugh, I miss talking to him with a glass of wine all curled up on the couch, I miss cooking dinner for him, I miss running errands with him, I miss how we both make fun of each other, I miss making him watch all my reality TV shows with me, I miss the way he calms me down when I get upset, I miss the way he makes me feel beautiful when I'm around him, I miss making up with him after an argument, I miss the way he challenges me and pushes me to think outside the box, I miss quiet nights together in my apartment with candles and music playing in the background, and of course I miss kissing him more than anything!! :-) I've now officially started the countdown.... 34 days until he comes home!! Everyday without him is a challenge, but I know the Lord is using this time apart to strengthen our relationship.

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Casey said...

Some of the things I miss about you. Ne-Yo must have been reading my mind (well except for the "hand"

"Style of your hair/Shape of your eyes and your nose/The way you stare/As if you see right through to my soul

The way your sweet smell lingers when you leave a room/Stories you tell as we cuddle on the couch all afternoon

It's your left hand and the way that it's not quite as big as your right/The way you stand in the mirror before we go out at night

Our quiet time/ Your beautiful mind

They're all part of the list, things that I miss/ Things like your funny little laugh/ Or the way you smile, or the way we kiss"

Miss you babe