Monday, March 30, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears... OH MY!!

This afternoon I practiced my procrastination skills by taking a trip to the zoo when really I should have been chipping away at my mile long "to do" list. I figure life is too short not to enjoy all the beautiful creatures God placed on this earth... right? Besides, it was nice to be able to experience the famous San Diego Zoo one last time before I move to Arizona in a few short weeks. Here are some pictures I took while exploring the zoo....

How precious is this momma gorilla with her baby on her back? There is simply no better example of a nurturing mother.
Malayan Tigers. Now thats one BIG kitty!
A mother Giraffe and her two little babies

I must admit I'm not a huge elephant fan but this picture cracks me up! Thank you Lord for putting the size of my butt into perspective.

Now isnt she pretty?? Its hard to tell in this picture but her lashes are to die for!

The Meerkats are my favorite... I think maybe because they remind me of my adorable puppy Tirzah!
The Panda honestly looked so sweet and cuddly

And of course a day at the zoo would not be complete without cotton candy!

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