Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Munce Family

As my moving date rapidly approaches, I'm beginning to realize all the things about California I will miss the most. At the top of my list is of course the WONDERFUL family I am a nanny for! Working for the Munce family this past year+ has been a wonderful growing experience. It has challenged me, changed me, and equipped me for the day I become a mother myself. I will miss Brooklynn and James dearly. Here are a few pictures of a day in the life as the Munce Nanny :-)

My sweet handsome James!! What a little ham!

Brooklynn eating her favorite snack... Cheetos! Who doesnt love that cheesy goodness??

I'm so mean for taking this picture... but how adorable is that pout?? Believe it or not, I'll even miss his occasional little tantrums

Sibling love! These precious children are such little angels. I feel blessed to have known them.

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