Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crochet Away

With the ever present stressors of life heavy on my mind, I've recently come to the realization that perhaps I need a new hobby in my life to serve as a distraction and mind cleanser.
And although reading and playing my guitar are both hobbies I enjoy abundantly, they both require brain power and deep concentration... two things I seem to be lacking at the moment. So after a bit of thought and contemplation, I've decided to take up crocheting! The world of crocheting isn't completely foreign to me, as a matter of fact, back in the day (circa 1996) my mother taught me how to crochet my first blanket. It was a simple pattern with no extravagant detail or complicated stitches, but I remember feeling a sense of peace and calm and I sat for hours with my fluffy ball of yarn, my powder blue crocheting needle, and my busy hands working away as I lost myself in a different world all together.
So today begins my new and exciting crocheting journey. I'm sure I will encounter countless moments of peace, frustration, boredom, and excitement... but I couldn't be more ready for the challenge. I'm already counting down the hours till I get off work so I can head over to the craft store to pick out some beautiful yarn!
I thought I'd also include some lovely crocheting pictures to serve as inspiration for the journey ahead....

Yarn, coffee, and a good book- doesn't get much better!

I am just in love with the idea of having a crocheting fort... brilliant!

What a bright, creative, and fun work space. Someday I would love to have a"craft" room in my house.
Colorful yarn makes me smile

I want this bag!!

How great is this yarn holder tea cup?!?! I don't just want this... I need this.

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