Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer in Arizona- my enemy

Its official- summer in Arizona has arrived!
I almost cried when I saw my car temp read 105 degrees this afternoon.
I suppose I should have expected summer to rear its ugly head eventually, after all it is June, but I dont think my body is ever prepared to bare the heat of hell.
So today I finally broke down, open my summer wardrobe, whipped out the shorts, gathered together all my "barely there" tanks, and loaded my freezer with yummy fruit pops.
I'm ready to take on the heat- but make no mistake, I will be complaining about the heat from
now till August.
*SIGH* Arizona sometimes you can be so cruel!


kalie brynn. said...

I hate using my shorts and barely there tank tops :[

let's throw a pity party. and eat icecram :]

kalie brynn. said...

dang it. **ice cream. icecram sounds gross.

elise said...

I know your pain. Even if I may not be feeling it currently ; )