Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pig Pen and I are Soul Mates

Sometimes life gets messy. Yes, believe it or not sometimes my humble little apartment looks as if an angry tornado has swiftly swept through it leaving nothing but a trail of dirty dishes and various articles of clothing strewn about. And while my mess bothers me on occasion- mostly I don't mind it. Whether its my car, my apartment, my closet, or my health... things just have a tendency to get a little messy in my neck of the woods. I like to think of myself as the real life "Pig-Pen" character from Charlie Brown

I sometimes plead with the Lord to make me different- to change my habits, tendencies, quirks, and physical well being... but guess what? He seems to always reply with a resounding NO. I'm starting to get the feeling God doesn't want to change me or my messy surroundings, but rather He desires for me to find peace within the mess. He wants me to find "Emily" amidst the chaos life throws my way. And He wants me to somehow look beyond my circumstances and into His heart.

So to all my fellow "Pig Pen's" out there- together lets learn to love our messiness and find peace at our core.

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kalie brynn. said...

Oh Emily, I am such a pig-pen. You've seen my car..poor Molly...and that's just one example. Maybe that kind of mess I need to work on...but I'm with you, there is just some chaos in life that I need to accept! God is a rock in the midst of it all:]

p.s. I want to see youuu!!