Monday, September 21, 2009

Concert recap

Now I know I'm about to bum you all out by telling you I have not one single picture from the amzingness that was the Flogging Molly concert, but its the sad truth. You see- the mean volunteer security guards, who all take their jobs far too seriously in my opinion, refused to let cameras through the front doors. I was totally bitter and angry about this, but the sweet sound of Carolina Liar playing in the background and the smell of yummy burritos and fresh cold margaritas totally distracted me from my misery. I think I can officially say I am a concert junky. Ok ok so I've only been to one concert in my entire life, but after concerting it up for 11 consecutive hours yesterday, I became addicted. Nothing gets better than amazing music, cheese and jalapeno casadias bigger than my head, blazing hot direct sunlight- which gave me an oh so lovely shorts and tank top tan, and of course some serious people watching entertainment. Ahh what a magnificent Sunday afternoon it was indeed.

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