Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ready.... Set....GO!!!!

Spontaneity makes me happy. I'm not typically a spontaneous spur of the moment type of girl. You see I thrive on plans, organization, and overly packed suitcases. I do well with advance notice and proper itineraries. But this weekend changed me. After an hour of sitting on Elise's couch complaining of the horrid mood I was in, my dear friend had clearly had enough. As she desperately offered suggestions of things to do, I swiftly and effectively shot down each and every suggestion. I then began to grumble about the stink butt weather called "summer" in Arizona... heat is clearly not my friend... it makes me grumpy. And hot. And annoyed. Then she said it. The five little words that would change my weekend.
Elise: "Lets go to San Diego"
Me: "Right now?!?!"
Elise: "Yes. Its only Saturday- we totally have time for a spur of the moment turn around road trip"
Me: "Do you think we can be ready in 30 min?"
Elise: "Absolutely!!!"
Me: "Lets do it!"
Six hours later Elise and I pulled into beautiful 70 degree San Diego. *SNIFF SNIFF* ahhh the sweet smell of fresh salty sea air- nothing like it!
Here are pictures of our glorious weekend....
Ok so its not the most flattering shot of me- but Elise insisted on getting a picture of me singing. Just be thankful you can't hear me.

What a pretty girl!

Our picnic site. Not a soul around. Just good food, good conversation, and lots of lush green plants.

I was very excited to finally see greenery- anything besides a cactus makes me happy these days.

The drummers were amazingly talented.

Got lost in the jungle...

We loved the architecture in Balboa Park

Nothing like relaxing on a blankie in the park

My dear friend and I- Thanks for the spontaneous trip Elise!!

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