Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I think "procrastination" should be my middle name. You'd think with the knowledge of a huge exam looming over my head I'd be spending my evening study or reviewing or freighting over lame anatomy jargon. But its actually quite the opposite. I've managed to waste massive amounts of time showering, cleaning, cooking (and I use that term loosely- ie: I munching on crackers and packaged pre-sliced cheese. No judging), watching the presidents speech, falling asleep during said speech, looking up said speech to find out what I missed, and talking on the phone. Besides, I already feel prepared for the exam so I figure I might as well waste my night doing things of little importance. Its fun. You should try it. And its not as if my night was a total waste- I learned I dont like Obama's health care plan, I do like crackers and cheese, and I really like late night phone calls. Its grand. So there ya go... I am officially the epitome of procrastination, and I love it!!

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