Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am greatful

BLAH!!! Long day. Its as if my life is one giant long exhausting day. But instead of moaning and groaning about the never ending "to do" list permanently etched on my mind, I'm going to focus on the positive in my life. So here is a list of all the beautiful things that happened to me over the past week:
  1. After a bad day on Tuesday, a friend of mine unexpectedly showed up at my door with a hilarious card and a bottle of wine. Fabulous friends are hard to come by- I'm truly blessed.
  2. As I sit here typing and listening to Johnny Flynn, a beautiful monsoon filled with thunder and lightening is underway right outside my window. Its a glorious moment.
  3. I got a new nanny job, proving once again that the Lord will always provide.
  4. I found a fabulous new gold jacket at a thrift shop this week (pictures soon to come)
  5. I just finished a yummy dinner I made consisting of teriyaki chicken mixed in with steamed broccoli and sugar snap peas... oh and a glass of red wine of course!
  6. I've recently become obsessed with songs like this, this, this, and this.
  7. My apartment is spotlessly clean and all laundry has been washed, dried, and put away leaving me feeling totally organized and at peace.
  8. I'm content with my my body today.
  9. And finally, I'm going horseback riding on Sunday- who knew?!?

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