Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Acne Can Take a Hike

Alright so I may not always dress like an adult, or act like an adult, or manage to regularly bathe myself like an adult... but gosh darn it I am an adult!! So why in the heck am I breaking out all over my face like an awkward pre-teen with braces?!? I paid my do's in the acne department. Isnt this supposed to be the stage in my life where I at least have clear skin? Isnt it bad enough I have bills to pay, school to attend, a job to work, and zero money in my account? I hardly think a clear complexion is asking too much. *ahem- you listening God??* Adult acne should never exist. And to make matters worse, why in the heck do people feel the need to let you know you have a break out on your face?? Dont you people think I look in the mirror?? YES- I know its there!!
All I wanted to do today was buy a new foundation primer (to help prevent breakouts when wearing concealer) at Ulta. I walked in, no make up on, sunglasses, and ratted hair. I had zero desire to speak to or make eye contact with anyone- I was on a mission. As I was perusing the make-up isle minding my own business Ms. Annoyingly Loud and Obnoxious Ulta Employee Lady waltzes up to me to see if I need help. I politely say no thanks and continue on my way hoping she'll get the hint I'm not in the mood to be helped. But no. She follows and insists on helping me pick out the proper primer- suddenly we make eye contact and she says, "oh dear you have acne... here use this one." I wanted to hit her. No actually I wanted to push her down, pull her hair, point out all her flaws and then tell her to mind her own darn business. But since I love Jesus... I refrained.


lindsay said...

HAHA Emily your honesty is so refreshing! Love you

Amanda said...

I say......throw her around a bit and just before walking away remind her Jesus loves her! Then point out her blemish and say, "God put that there for a reason! Embrace it!"