Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tirzah is a terror

Oh she may look all cute and innocent, but below the surface of her precious puppy exterior, Tirzah is no more than a crazy phsyco dog who seeks to make my life a living H-E Double Hockey Sticks. If you know my pup at all, you'd know that she is a freak of nature when it comes to jumping. She may be a skinny ten pound nothing, but she can clear the kitchen table like nobodies business. Its as if she's this bizarre cross between chihuahua and kangaroo- hmm I should have known she was trouble from the beginning. You see, when I first brought Tirzah home she was all sugar and spice and everything nice.... but I'm afraid the mask has since come off. In the past week or so Tirzah has managed to:

  1. Drink out of the toilet bowl more times than I actually use the toilet

  2. Eat an entire block of cheese I had sitting on the kitchen counter

  3. Hide her so called "leftover" pieces of cheese all over the apartment for me to find after its begun to decompose and smell of... well rotten cheese. *Gag*

  4. Make a poopy under the kitchen table- right after I took her on a walk where she had JUST POOPED!

  5. Jumped up into the kitchen sink, scratched through a tied up kitchen bag, ate 8+ buffalo wing bones, and of course shredded a napkin so my floor looked as if it had snowed

  6. Knocked over and shattered my pretty glass table sconce filled with fake fruit.

  7. Hid treats between each and every couch cushion.

And those are just to name a few. I'm exhausted- and "this close" to giving her back to the animal shelter where I found her. Ugh. Darn dog. I dont have the patience for this crap.

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