Saturday, May 30, 2009

Being an Aunt

As most of you probably already know, my adorable niece Bella is absolutely 100% the love of my life.
No one can make me smile as much or laugh as hard as she can.
No one says "Aunt Emily" in a more precious voice than she does.
No one asks me to color or play dress up the way she asks.
No one's endless energy keeps me on my toes quite like hers.
Ever since I moved to Arizona a week ago, Bella and I have been having the same conversation everyday, and it goes a little something like this...

Bella: "You live near me now Aunt Emily"
Emily: "That's right Bell, I live right down the street from you. Isn't that cool?"
Bella: "Yeah. Will you live here forever??"
Emily: "Yep, forever"
Bella: "Forever and ever??"
Emily: "Yes, forever and ever"
Bella: "Forever and ever and ever??"
Emily: "Yep!!"

Isnt that just precious? I swear that little girl melts my heart every time... Nothin like bein an Aunt!

1 comment:

Bri and John said...

i love you very much aunt emily!! and i want to take tirzah for a walk! Love Bella-Boo

**I actually asked her what she wanted to say- and that is what she told me to write! :-)