Friday, May 29, 2009

Picture of My Apartment... Finally!!

Alright alright I know you are all just dying to see pictures of my new Arizona apartment.
And I know I've tortured you enough by making you wait an impossibly long amount of time.
But you have to admit, its built quite a bit of anticipation.
I mean this is a big moment.
These pictures are not of just any apartment, they're of my apartment.
The apartment I will most likely call home for the next 3 (or more) years.
The apartment that will house me and my messy, complicated, and somewhat adventurous life.
The apartment that will be my safe haven, my comfort, and my home.
The apartment that will see me through good times and bad, tears and laughter.
Nope, its not just ANY apartment, its my "home sweet home"
So without further ado.....
Here's a view from the front entry of the kitchen/dining room. Isnt my burnt reddish orange wall awesome??
view of dining room/living room (and Tirzah)

My living room (and Tirzah... again)

My bedroom (a work in progress)

Part of my bathroom (it extends further to the left, but I couldnt get the angle)
Tirzah relaxing in her new home

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