Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let Get On With It....

Its that time of the month folks and I'm in rare form.
I'm super cranky, annoyingly bloated, extremely emotional, overly impatient, easily annoyed, utterly exhausted, and as antsy as they come.
But today I feel particularly antsy.
I feel as if nothing is coming fast enough and instead everything is moving in slow motion.
Those who know me well, know I have a fondness for countdowns.
Give me anything and I'll count down to it.
Christmas, my birthday, moving, finals, various holidays, future trips, school days, work days, and anything else involving time.
This past month has been devoted to counting down the days till my 21st birthday (6 days left) and moving to Arizona (14 days left) but as the two events begin to approach closer, I'm beginning to feel a tid bit impatient.
Impatient?!? Who me?? Couldnt be!
I kinda have the urge to scream
I want to blink my eyes, be 21 and be living in Scottsdale.
No? Not gonna happen?
I'm off to wallow in my menstrual misery.

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