Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Laughs, Drinks and Toasts!

Have I told you lately just how truly blessed I am???
Well, I am!
I have the best group of friend and family a girl could ever ask for. Not only did my family make me feel incredibly special on my 21st Birthday, they continually poured out their love onto me by making it the most memorable birthday I'll probably ever have.
My Birthday began at midnight on May 15th when my sister, john, and my dad all took me to a local dive bar for my first legal drink. The people were interesting, the music was loud, and the drinks were delicious!
The real celebration, however, took place the next morning when we all sat around the table eating breakfast and opening presents. My gifts were all amazing but some of my favorites included a new camera, a laptop, a new bike for Arizona, and of course cowboy boots (pictures to come of those puppies!! )
After a leisurely day of relaxation and birthday wishes from various friends and family, I received a card saying...
"Get all dressed up and grab your ID.
Tonight we will celebrate in the CITY!
When your limo arrives
We'll have fun, fun, fun,
Cuz the gangs all here
And your 21!!!"
In typical "emily" fashion, I put on my best going out dress, my highest stilettos, and lots of lip gloss in preparation for what I knew would be an amazing night.
The "gang" included:
My sister and her husband
My cousin Lindsay and her Husband Ian
Carrie and her husband Cory
My Mom and Dad
Myself and Casey
The plan was to drive into the city and spend the entire night driving to various hotel lounges and loud lively bars that lined the Gas Lamp district.
What a blast it was!
Here I am at an Irish Bar called Dublin Square (yes, the family MADE me wear the ridiculous "I'm 21" sash and "Buy me a drink" crown)

All the Girls before leaving the house

The entire gang (minus the parents) in the limo about to take off.... yay for a toast to ME!!

Me and my wonderful cousin Lindsay

Sister love

First drink of the night.... drum roll please.... an lemon strawberry martini!

The rule of the night was that at each place we went, one couple had to buy me a drink of their choice- and they were not allowed to tell me what is was. Luckily, my friends and family take care of me- so no one abused their power! Along with their drink order, they dedicated a small toast and message for the first one below is good ol' Mom and Dad :-)

The second is Kerri and Kory..(soon to be neighbors!)

And then my cousin Lindsay and her husband Ian.....

What an amazing 21st Birthday! I'm very blessed to have so many friend and family who love me so much! Thanks to everyone who made my night so very special.

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