Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another day as a Nanny

Much of today has been spent in prayer for little Stellen and his wonderful family. I simply cant imagine the "storm" they are facing right now, and their situation definitely weighs heavy on my heart. I took the opportunity while at work to tell Brooklynn about baby Stellen, and together her and I said a prayer for him and worked on a poster in support of him and the entire MckKinney family.

It was wonderful to see the love even a four year old can have for a child who is sick. Sometimes the greatest blessings come from the deepest pain.

On a lighter note, as I continued on with my busy afternoon of doing laundry, washing dishes, picking up toys, and yes watching Oprah, I quickly placed James in his highchair for lunch, failing to notice the look of exhaustion on his face. A few minuets later I turned around to check on him and saw this....

What a little sweetie! Poor guys was so pooped out he couldnt even eat.

I just love my job!! :-)

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